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Michigan Central Station - 1976

Up today is a photo of the old Michigan Central Station that was located just east the present intersection of Pelletier & McKay. The photo dates to July, 1976. View Larger Map In November, 1996, the station was the victim of an arsonist, and it burned to the ground. Even today, as you can see in the aerial photos the old platform is still visible. Any memories of the old station out…
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Jackson Park - 1953

An interesting photo taken from the 1954 Windsor Centennial Program showing a aerial view of Jackson Park. Seeing as the program was published in 1954, I am assuming that the photo was a stock one taken at least the year before in 1953. Looks like there was some kind of fair…

Monopoly Voting

I’ve had emails from a few people about this, so I will pass on the word, some readers may be interested in helping out…. Below is a cut and past of just one of the many e-mails/Facebook invites I have received about this. 🙂 If you’ve got time, please…

Fridays Live! Car culture celebrated in Windsor

I thought I would pass along the following, for the new show opening at the Art Gallery of Windsor tonight. The streetcar show has recently closed, and this is the next show. One of my works was selected to be part of the “Here in my car” exhibition… If you have even a passing interest in cars, design and history the Future Retro Drawings exhibit from the Museum of Fine Arts in…
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Riverside & Ouellette - 1978

Today’s post is another vintage Newspaper photo. This one was shot by a photographer named “Tines”. A quick check on the Google, shows that a Charles V. Tines, is a staff photographer for the Detroit News, I wonder if it’s the same guy? The photo was…
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Church Of The Ascension

Found on University Avenue West and McKay is one of the more often overlooked churches in the city, the Anglican Church of the Ascension. The church as seen today was built in 1927, designed by local architects Nichols, Sheppard & Masson. It was built using only the…
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Hiram Walker & Sons - 1950's

Here’s an interesting view I recently picked up. It’s a colour view of the Hiram Walker Distillery from the water, before the redevelopment of site that took place in the late 1950’s. I think many of the “new” buildings were erected around 1967-58. As you can see one of the “new” warehouses are visible, behind the offices, similar to the one that was…
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The Bin Place

Another old Newspaper photo, today’s subject is The Bin Place, located at 3176 Sandwich Street. The photo was taken March 27, 1972. As far as I can tell, this building would have been located at or near the north east corner of Sandwich & Mill. Home to the former…