I.O.D.E. Hospital - Prince Road - 1972

Above is a shot, of what was being used in 1972 as the regional children’s centre on the grounds of the I.O.D.E. Hospital, which was later Western Hospital, and is today known as the Tayfour Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital. The Building above originally opened as part of the Essex County Sanitorium which relocated to Sandwich from Essex County, near Kingsville in 1922. Have a great…
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Scale Model of the Metropolitan Hospital Expansion - 1972

A view today of the architect’s scale model of the expansion of Met Hospital. The expansion that made the hospital look like it did above was done in 1974, and brought the hospital from 360 beds to 507 beds. Another expansion in the more recent past in 2005 gave us the…
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Coming Soon - 2014 IM Calendar

Hey guys, just a heads up that the 2014 calendars are going to press in the next few days. Details and pricing to follow. There’s a new supplier this year and it will likely result in a price decrease over last year’s calendar. This one will also be a 13 month calendar unlike the 12 month calendar’s in years past. So above is a sneak peak, stay tuned for further details. Have a…
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Highway Tavern - 1969

Image courtesy Chris Edwards, Walkerville Publishing Today’s picture comes courtesy of Chris Edwards of Walkerville Publishing, it shows a view looking east along Wyandotte Street from the intersection with Dougall. The Highway Tavern, the subject of Monday’s…
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HighwayTavern - 592 Dougall

The old Highway Tavern at the corner of Wyandotte and Dougall, which oddly enough actually has a Dougall Avenue municipal address, is likely not long for this world. This old place, built into a large old residential property, recently had a demolition permit requested. The…
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Willistead - 1906

A nice old shot from the Library of Congress showing the Albert Kahn designed Willistead Manor. Interesting to see the original landscaping, before the grounds became the park it is today. An interesting detail shot, there’s a glimpse of a worker there…. As well as you can see the steeple of the original St. Anne’s church on Richmond and Argyle. Have a great weekend everyone…
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Pitt Street Looking East - 1920

Happy Wednesday everyone! A neat shot looking east down Pitt Street towards Ouellette. The street car at the end of the shot is on the other side of Ouellette and was the W.E. & L.S. car to the county. The closest building on the left beside the car is the real estate…
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The Crawford House - 1920

This photograph shown above shows the Crawford House hotel that was situated on the north side of Sandwich Street (today’s Riverside Drive) at Ferry. The hotel was owned by Alexander Crawford, the namesake of Crawford Avenue on the near west side, and originally a…