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Equity Chambers - 1948

The photo is dated April 22, 1948 the caption reads: Entrance to second floor offices of Labor Progressive Party which 500 youths wrecked after breaking up speech by Tim Buck. Tim Buck, was the leader of the Labour Progressive Party, the LPP was the name that the Communist Party of Canada went by in the 1940’s & 1950’s. A quick google search didn’t reveal anything…
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2011 Detroit Historical Calendar

Once again, our friend Robert Klatt over in Detroit, has put together another edition of his fabulous Detroit Historical Image Calendar. This year, Robert has the calendar for sale – $13.99, including shipping to any US address. Add $4.03 for shipping to Canada. The…
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Essex County Jail

Happy Friday once again, and this is the final Friday for November. Up today is a photo of the Essex County Jail, dated December 6, 1933, although I suspect the photo is older than this, and dates back to the jail’s 1925 opening. This photo was taken along Peter Street…
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545 Church

A few more from the archives… These photos were shot, July 2002. This big old place is sadly, no long with us. Located at the n.w. corner of Church and Vera, the home was last used as a rooming house. Despite some bad renovations, and exterior staircases, it was still a grand old home. Sadly a fire brought her down, I can’t remember if it was an accident from one of the tenants, or…
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Morton Salt Co. Terminal Site - 1965

Friday once again… From the caption on the back of the photo: “Ojibway, Ont. Slip around which the Morton Salt Co. terminal is to be built. Freighters shown in storage some years back; no longer there.” The site in-between the boat and the trees was…
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Distillery Offices - Photo to Postcard

For those readers who, like me, are fans of the great photo website Shorpy, you may be interested in viewing the collection of the Detroit Publishing Company, which resides at the Library of Congress. The DPC collection is amazing, and mostly royalty free&#8230…
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Metropolitan General Hosptial - 1968

Once again Friday is here! Today we have a new photo, but still a look back to Windsor’s Past. Today’s photo is date stamped August 13, 1968. It shows a nice, pre-renovation look at the original façade of Met Hospital. Built in 1926, the original hospital section was designed by Pennignton & Boyde, and this original part has been completely obscured behind renovations over the…
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Tomorrow is November 11th. Take a moment tomorrow to remember those that came before you, and who fought and died in battles for you, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, relatives, and those still in active duty today. While many were lucky enough to have relatives come…
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Ford Strike of 1945

Happy Friday once again, another weekend is here, and this weekend brings us the 2010 Windsor International Film Festival at the Capitol. There are some interesting films showing, including some from local directors, one of whom is an avid reader of this site. It’s…