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St Mary's Garden - 1914

To close out the week, here’s a shot of the statue of St. Anthony found in the garden of St. Mary’s. This shot was taken on the north side of the property, near Ouellette and Park. An interesting view of the Windsor Armouries can be seen in the background, back when the building was open on the west side to Ouellette. Have a great weekend everyone, don’t forget to order your…
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St Mary's Library - 1914

Sticking with St. Mary’s again today, while I’ve seen a number of pictures of the outside of the building, I think this might be the first time I’ve seen a shot of the inside. This view shows us the library, which still seems to be decorated in a Victorian…
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St Mary's Academy - 1914

A nice view of the front of the old St. Mary’s Academy on Ouellette Avenue and Park. The photo was taken as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the school in 1914. This was actually the second school building, and this one was replaced by the one in South…
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It Makes A Great Gift

Just a little more than a month to go until Christmas. The one gift that everyone needs? A calendar. The 2014 International Metropolis calendar makes a great gift, for you or someone else. They’re available now in the shop, and very soon they may be available in select retail outlets. This is a limited item this year, so purchase now to avoid disappointment. For those of you who…
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Calendars for sale this Weekend

This Saturday only, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, copies of the IM 2014 calendar will be available at the Border City Knits booth at the Made in Windsor Show and Sale. The calendars will only be there on Saturday (tomorrow), not tonight. As always, they’re also available…
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Walkerville General Hospital - 1928

A great old photograph of the Walkerville General Hospital shortly after opening. Better known as Metropolitan General Hospital, that building is still there hiding behind the many additions over the years. On a side note, you may experience some delay in comments being…
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University & Victoria - 1972

A shot of the ground floor banking space in the Metropolitan Building from an ad that was published in 1972. A neat shot of the corner when it was occupied. The last tenant that I can remember was the HSCB bank, that has since moved to the old Krispy Kreme doughnut shop on Howard Ave at the south end of the Roundhouse Plaza. Interesting to note that that block of Victoria has recently been…
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Coming Soon - 2014 IM Calendar

Hey guys, just a heads up that the 2014 calendars are going to press in the next few days. Details and pricing to follow. There’s a new supplier this year and it will likely result in a price decrease over last year’s calendar. This one will also be a 13 month…