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New Windsor Salt Office - 1953

From the collection of John Morand A few shots of the “new” office building on Prospect street, opened in 1953. This picture shows the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony. From the collection of John Morand This one shows a full parking lot, and is probably taken on a regular work day, it’s dated 1952, so it must have been once exterior construction was completed? From the…
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Old PhotographsReader SubmissionWindsor

More Salt Mines

From the collection of John Morand A couple of more today from John’s family collection. This is the only underground photo in the collection, it is undated, but I’m going to put it around 1953/1954. From the collection of John Morand This one is dated 1954 and…
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Canada Salt - Riverside Drive

From the collection of John Morand The picture above is dated 1910 and shows a side view of the Canada Salt comapny on the property today occupied by CBC at Riverside and Crawford. From the collection of John Morand This photo is dated 1915 and is taken probably from today’s University Avenue overpass, looking north towards the river. Note the conical tower of the old CP train station…
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Old PhotographsReader Submission

Ojibway Conveyor - 1957

From the collection of John Morand Today’s photos come to us as a submission from regular reader and commentor JBM. These photos were in his father’s collection and his Great Uncle was an executive with the Salt Company. These two photos were dated 1957 and show…
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American Legion Parade - Goyeau & Park - 1931

The caption on the back indicates it was taken for the short lived Detroit Mirror. It is dated September 24, 1931. Reports state that out of the 125,000 Legionnaires who registered at the convention this year, 30,000 of them established temporary residence in Windsor where they could enjoy all the privileges of a Canadian citizen — and they did! With the convention drawing to a close, they…
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Ouellette Avenue - 1927

Happy Friday! Today’s picture is uncaptioned but is dated June 7, 1927. The sign up in the top left reads “Welcome Police Chiefs”, so there must have been a conference in town. A neat shot looking north up Ouellette Avenue from University. This is my…
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Jubilee Fountain - Then and Now

A neat old shot from the archives of the Detroit Publishing Company now residing in the collection of the Library of Congress. This one shows the fountain in all her glory on Devonshire Road, just south of the old Train Station, approximately across the street from…