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500 Ways You Know You're From Windsor

Our friends at Walkerville Publishing have released their new book “500 Ways you know you’re from Windsor” Below are a couple of sample pages, more can been seen at the link listed above. A captivating new book about The Baby Boomer Years (post WWII) in Windsor Ontario by Walkerville Publishing Inc. If you are baby boomer (or, the child or parent of one) who grew up or lived in…
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CN 5570 - Late 1930's

Harry Taylor Collection, photo by Walter Taylor Today’s photo comes to up via county train historian Tim Swaddling. Tim says the photo is from Harry Taylor’s collection. The photo was taken by Harry’s father, Walter Taylor. The exact date is unknown, but…
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Mario's Of Windsor - 1973

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy June! Sheesh, 2012 is almost half over already… Today’s photo is dated April 12, 1973, and show’s Mario’s of Windsor, later Bentely’s at 755 Ouellette. My informations shows the building as being built in 1948…
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Prime Minister's Visit - 1963

A UPI Telephoto – dated March 6, 1963 Prime Minister John Diefenbaker helps Mrs. Diefenbaker down train steps upon arrival here 3/6. Prime Minister Diefenbaker campaigned in the Windsor, Ont., industrial area. The latest chapter in the nuclear controversy that toppled Diefenbaker’s conservative government was a report from Washington D.C., 3/5 that the Prime Minister had revealed…
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Ambassador Bridge - 1940's

To be fair since we looked at the Tunnel in the last post, from the same series of images, here’s a look at the bridge. Regional cooperation was evident by the “Welcome to Canada” billboard touting Essex County. Funny how much changes in a half century.
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Tunnel Entrance - 1940's

A neat old photo of the tunnel entrance from the 1940’s. I’m certain someone out there will be able to help narrow down the date based on the car. What a long way the tunnel has come, from the early days, to the giant remodel of the 1990’s, with more changes coming soon… [**As a side note, some of the comments are being held for moderation, when they weren’t…
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Victoria Fountain - c. 1900

From the Detroit Publishing Co. archives at the Library of Congress Website, comes this shot of the Victoria Fountain, now in Willistead park, in its original location on Devonshire Road, just south of the Train Station. A neat detail shot of the original top of the…