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Vanity Theatre

This photo was taken in March of 2008 when the place was known as the Roxy. It has since been purchased as is now known as the “The Blind Dog“. It’s hard to believe it today, but at one time this one one of Downtown’s major movie theatres. This is how the building looked in 1977, shortly after it was “modernized”. The look that remains to this day. The Vanity…
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Ottawa & Kildare

Many readers will no doubt recognize this building at the north west corner of Ottawa & Kildare in Walkerville. This was as far as I can remember one of the first buildings to get “the treatment”. On this post from June, an “expert” chimed in…
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Walkerville Market Demolition

Here’s one that I found interesting. From the Border Cities Star, December 31, 1927: Wreckage of Walkerville’s ancient market building is shown above. The old building at the corner of Huron street (Richmond today) and Walker road, was demolished a few weeks ago…
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Windsor Court Apartments

One of the buildings in Windsor I haven’t featured before, but recieve many questions about is the Windsor Court Apartments located on Ouelltte Avenue at Hanna. Designed in 1926 by the Toronto Architectural Firm of Craig & Madill. Craig & Madill were active from about 1912 through the 1950’s and this is the only example of their work in the area. Most of the work was done in…
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Reader Submission Friday

As we head into the weekend, today’s post is made up of a few reader submissions… First up from JT, is this shot taken behind the Bay at Devonshire Mall: He notes that this corner of the store has been partially hidden over the years by various expansions, and…
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Equity Chambers - Part II

* Note this post is a follow up to another post from March, 2008. The building that was sitting vacant following the closure of Ye Olde Steakhouse in the post from March, 2008, has been reborn as the Pour House Pub. I also managed to dig up some information about the conversion. A news blurb ran in the Border Cities Star, in June 1924: LEGAL FIRM TAKES GRINNELL BUILDING ____________ O.E. FLEMING…
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Security Building Then and Now + Post 1000!

Before today’s post gets underway, I just noticed that this is post # 1000. 🙂 Today’s post features the Security Building at the north west corner of Pelissier and University in downtown Windosr. Built in 1927, it is seen here in a preliminary rendering from…