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952 Victoria Avenue

The photo above ran in the Border Cities Star in November, 1927: More evidence of the building that has gone on in the Border Cities this season is shown above in the English type cottage, completed at 666 Victoria avenue, between Ann and Erie streets. Steven F. Robarts is…
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Wilkinson's Shoes

With the post the other day about the George Wilkinson House, talk naturally turned to Wilkinson’s Shoes that used to be found downtown on Ouellette Ave. This shot give a closeup view of the painted sign on the side that says “Wilkinson’s Shoes Wear Like…
Old Newspaper StoriesOld PhotographsWindsor

Central United Church

A recent email from a reader asked me about Central United Church on Ouellette. Oddly enough, it’s never been featured on the site. I supposed sometimes the most obvious ones get overlooked… Designed by Detroit Architects Kastler & Hunter. The rendering above appeared in the Evening Record, October 19, 1904. NEW CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH This shows a perspective view of the…
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Death Of A City Block

So, what happens when our elected officials disregard the reports prepared by administration? We end up with a completely dead and vacant city block in the core of the city. The final remnant of a city block bounded by Glengarry, Assumption, Aylmer and University located at…
Old Newspaper StoriesOld PhotographsWindsor

Moy Hall

What once once farm lots 92 & 93 were owned by former Windsor Mayor John Davis. John Davis served five terms as mayor from 1897-1901. In four of the five elections he stood for mayor in (there were one year terms back then…) he was acclaimed. The Davis farm, followed the old French ribbon farm system, and the property ran from the river as far south as where the Essex Terminal Railway…
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Vanity Theatre

This photo was taken in March of 2008 when the place was known as the Roxy. It has since been purchased as is now known as the “The Blind Dog“. It’s hard to believe it today, but at one time this one one of Downtown’s major movie theatres. This is…