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New Airport Terminal – 1958

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Now, on to today’s photos.

From the Detroit News, these shots dated June 13, 1958, and the dedication of the new Windsor Airport Terminal Building.

The terminal was designed by Government architects, and built by the Eastern Construction Company.

Obviously a big party was held, and all kinds of important people turned out for the occasion. This photo was taken on the Airside of the terminal. Note the 1950’s design elements, such as the big chrome “W I N D S O R” letters, and note the observation deck, where one could stand outside and watch the comings and goings of the aircraft.

What was at one time a pretty nifty little terminal, has suffered through the years, and been subject to some unsympathetic renovations over the years. Note the metal siding on the control tower…

I know the interior was spruced up, but not a lot has changed with the outside of the terminal building.

Now if only we could get more flights to more places… 😉

As a side note, the airport is currently conducting a survey to see who goes where, and from where. So if you’re a traveler, you might be interested in filling out this survey here. There was little blurb about it in the local daily newspaper the other day…

Have a good weekend everyone, see you back here Monday.


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