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Windsor 1920 - Part I

Few few years back, I came across and old photo album for sale that was full of photos from around the Great Lakes. It’s full of photos from Belle Isle, Boblo, Buffalo, Detroit, Grayling, Lewiston, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Put-in-Bay, Toronto and Windsor. All from 1920 & 1921. It’s a great historical record, and I had the Windsor Photos online many years ago. For all the…
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Oddfellows Hall

One of the buildings I’ve always wondered about was the former I.O.O.F. (International Order Of Oddfellows) hall at Wyandotte St. & Dufferin. It was designed by Windsor architect J.C. Pennington c. 1915. The photo above comes from a postcard c. 1920. This…
Old PhotographsPhoto Du JourPostcardsWindsor

Top Hat - Part I

Once upon a time, Windsor was the King of Entertainment. Supper-Clubs with big-name entertainment was common, among the biggest were the Elmwood (covered recently here, here and here), The Metropole and the Top Hat (which we looked at back in May). Today we look at some…
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More Buses

More gems from the Bernie Drouillard Collection. Thanks to John for scaning them. This one dates to June of 1967, and shows SWA # 339. Looking south on Ouellette Ave., from the corner at Wyandotte St. The still new-ish Dominion/Reitman’s building built in 1965 is visible behind the bus, as is the Vanity Theatre Marquee. June 1967, Finds SWA # 351 parked in a lot downtown, check it out a…
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Old PhotographsPhoto Du JourPostcardsWindsor

Univeristy of Windsor

For all the students heading back to school next week, here’s a look back at the beginnings of the University of Windsor. Campus looked pretty bare back in ’54. University Centre, built in 1962, is at the heart of the University of Windsor campus, an…