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Devonshire Racetrack

A recent question from a reader brought up the subject of Devonshire Racetrack. As Windsor tries to shed its “sin city” moniker, a look back at our history shows we’ve always been the playground for what the Americans can’t have. There was a time when Windsor boasted 3 Horse racing tracks. The Windsor Jockey Club, Kenilworth Racetrack, and Devonshire Racetrack. Horse…
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Chrysler Canada Plant no. 1

Today’s entry is for Paul, who recently asked for more information about the old Plant no. 1. Plant 1 stood at the n.e. corner of Tecumseh & McDougall. The site now occupied by a shopping plaza. Plant 1 was originally the plant of the Maxwell-Chalmers Motor Car…
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Displaced History

So with rumors abound that the former Tecumseh DUR station might still be standing, I headed to the suburbs with John and Mike to see what we might be able to uncover. This Victorian house on Lesperance is visible in the old postcard view posted two weeks ago. Just north of the station you can see the home. The streetcar tracks ran along the side of the road, and did a loop at the…
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1924 Border Cities Bowling Champs

Here’s an oldie from my personal collection. Maybe you’ll spot a relative in here… 🙂 I’m not sure what kind of league this was, if the bowlers were recreational or business related. The one man who’s estate this photo was contain in, passed…
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More Old Photos

Here are a few more oldies from John Stefani, via the Bernie Drouillard Collection. Bernie is the pre-eminent local transportation historian in the city of Windsor. Mr. Patrick Sr., conductor, Erie Line. 1930’s Car Number 361, London Street Car Barns, 1930’s. Late 1930’s, in front of the Amerherstburg Echo building. This photo from 1938, shows the new bus that replaced the…
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Old Streetcar Photos

A few more photos that came to me from John Stefani, again from the Bernie Drouillard collection: Car # 214 – At the car barns on University Avenue – now The Junction Car # 366 – On University Avenue at the intersection with Pelissier St. Car # 418…