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The Granville

Above is an ad from May, 1929, I came across last year advertising the Detroit Free Press Sponsored Model Home “The Granville”. The house was located on Granville Street, in Southlawn Gardens and was designed by the architectural team of Trace & Diehl. Granville Street has since been renamed Granada Street, but the house is still there. A few modifications over the years, like…
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Pacific Park

From the Border Cities Star: May, 1925 The north end of Remington Park along South Pacific Ave was located a subdivision called Pacific Park. However unlike other subdivisions this is the first one I’ve come across that listed restrictions on who could buy…
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The Ryancrete Model Home

One day going through the microfilm, I came across this ad for the Ryancrete Model Home. I did a pass along Mathew Brady and found the house still standing at 415 Matthew Brady. The address listed in the ad as 205, was for the old numbering system of the Town of…
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Mayor Henry Clay

Before today’s post kicks off, there’s a small explanation to spit out… I’m going to apologize in advance for today’s post… It’s a bit longer than usual, but it came out of the other day’s post about the Davis Farm/Moy Hall. It’s related to that post, but in doing some research for this post, I kind of ran into another story that needed to be…
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Casa Del Mara

Long one of my favourite buildings in the city is the previously covered Casa Del Mara Apartments on Ouellette Avenue. However, I’ve never had much background information on it… Until recently… From the February 2, 1929 issue of the Border Cities Star: …Located on Ouellette Avenue near Gilles Boulevard, the building adds easy accessibility to its many other features. It is…
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The Merloray Building

Another project to add to the Windsor that could have been… Instead it’s just added to the list of Unbuilt Windsor projects. The 18 story Merloray Building, announced February 13, 1929. I suspect the great crash of 1929 helped kill this project… THE…