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Guaranty Trust Building

At the corner of University & Victoria is this unassuming TD Bank branch with a lot of history. Opened in June, 1948 as the new home of the Guaranty Trust of Canada. The building was designed by Toronto Architects Allward and Gouinlock. Hugh Allward, was the son of legendary Canadian sculptor Walter Allward, who is best known for the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge. Around the back of…
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Dayus Roofing - Then & Now

After 50 years, Dayus Roofing is moving from Howard Avenue, expropriated for the new crossing. This Windsor business has been around since 1950, and luckily they aren’t packing it in. According to the sign on the Howard facade, they are moving to Halford Road in…
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Kelsey Wheel Company

Today is another glimpse into the industrial history of our fair city. The Kelsey Wheel Company (later Kelsey Hayes) was opened in Windsor in November of 1913. It was the first plant to be unionized by the UAW in Canada. It closed down not too long after I moved to Windsor…
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Real Estate For Sale - 1925 Style

Does anyone out there Recognize this house in/near Amherstburg? I need some County help today… 🙂 From “The Detroiter” (the publication of the Detroit Chamber of Commerce), May 18, 1925: BEAUTIFUL RIVERFRONT HOME FOR SALE This property which is suitable for a summer or year round home or for a clubhouse, is situated on the Canadian shore of the Detroit River, facing Bob-Lo…
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Walkerside Dairy

Ad from the Border Cities Star – December 31, 1926. This version of the Walker Farms were established around 1904, taking over from the earlier farm that was located at Walker & Tecumseh. As you may recall the manager’s house was demolished a few years…
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Royal Windsor Apartments

From that grand plan, we did get 2/3 of it built, sadly the garage was pulled down some time ago, and only the apartment building survives to this day. An ad for the garage from 1937. The apartment building however, is one of the architecturally pleasing buildings in the…
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Parent Place

Years ago, while out shooting photos with John Stefani, we stumbled across a old cinder block building in an alley. It always seemed strange that the building was located in an alley and not on a road, but a recent discovery of an ad for the company, revealed that the alley was in fact once a road. Parent Place, appears to have been little more than a glorified alley. Stretching two blocks north…
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Return To Boose's

In the past, I have covered Boose’s Tourist Camp in Detail, here and here. I recently added an old advertising folder for the park to my collection. The rest of the images on the folder are ones that can be seen on the previous pages, but this is the first time…
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Streetcar Friday

Continuing our fine sometime tradition of “Streetcar Friday”, I present this ad than ran for the Hydro Electric Railways, June 23, 1928. Interurban service to Amherstburg. When streetcar service was ended, this line to Amherstburg became a bus line. Now, public…