Tribute To The Barn

Happy Friday everyone! Above is rendering of the interior of the Border Cities Arena, it was one of a few pictures from prior to the opening of the arena I dug up. I got an email from someone at Sportsnet who was working on a video tribute to the Barn, and asked if I could send copies of some of the old images that were on the site. I sent along a couple and told them use any that would fit.
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Proposed Empress Theatre - Pitt Street - 1913

From the Evening Record – October 14, 1913: The above is the architect’s perspective of the new proposed Empress Theatre, which will be erected opposite the Joseph Appelbe Company’s stores on Pitt street. The building when completed will be one of the…

New Wyandotte Street School

From the Evening Record, Monday, July 20, 1914. When completed Windsor will have one of the finest public school buildings in Ontario, built at a cost of $75,000.00 The building is now about half completed and is being rushed by the contractors, the H.G. Christman Co.
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Deauville Beach Club - St. Clair Beach - 1927

From the Border Cities Star, a grand unbuilt plan, dated April 30, 1927: A MAGNIFICENT clubhouse will be built on the shores of Lake St. Clair by the Deauville Beach Club, Ltd. The club will be located nine miles east of Windsor, near the property of the Beach Grove Country Club. The building, a picture of which is shown above, will be 10 storeys high, with bathing beaches, gymnasiums, and a…
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Dougall Avenue Subway - 1930

From the Border Cities Star – May 6, 1930: This sketch shows the manner in which the Dougall Avenue subway under the M.C.R. will be widened in accordance with an order of the Board of Railway Commissioners. The section on the left is the present subway. The present…

Hotel Dieu Convent / Nurses Residence

From the Windsor Star – March 12, 1965: FINAL STEP – This convent-nurses’ residence is the last building to be erected in an intensive five-year building program by the Sisters of the Hospitallers of St. Joseph at Hotel Dieu. The new residence will stand…
Old Newspaper StoriesRenderingsWindsor

Tecumseh & Howard Medical Centre - 1972

From The Windsor Star – October 20, 1972: PLANNING BOARD APPROVES HEALTH CENTRE REZONING Rezoning for a major “health centre” including offices for doctors and dentists in a four-building complex, was approves by the Windsor Planning Board Thursday on the property formerly occupied by Auto Specialites Manufacturing Ltd. The project, proposed by a group of local doctors and…
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Pares Village Secondary School - Pares, Antigua

A while back architect Doug Johnson told me about a project he designed in 1965, and how there is a building he designed, but has never seen. As part of a foreign aid program, a secondary school was designed here in Windsor, by local architects, and was built in Pares…

Dillon Hall

From the Border Cities Star – February 10, 1927: The above reproduction from an architect’s drawing shows the new classroom building which will be built at a cost of $300,000 by Assumption College this year. Construction work on the structure will start on or…