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Tecumseh & Howard Medical Centre - 1972

From The Windsor Star – October 20, 1972: PLANNING BOARD APPROVES HEALTH CENTRE REZONING Rezoning for a major “health centre” including offices for doctors and dentists in a four-building complex, was approves by the Windsor Planning Board Thursday on the property formerly occupied by Auto Specialites Manufacturing Ltd. The project, proposed by a group of local doctors and…
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Pares Village Secondary School - Pares, Antigua

A while back architect Doug Johnson told me about a project he designed in 1965, and how there is a building he designed, but has never seen. As part of a foreign aid program, a secondary school was designed here in Windsor, by local architects, and was built in Pares…

Dillon Hall

From the Border Cities Star – February 10, 1927: The above reproduction from an architect’s drawing shows the new classroom building which will be built at a cost of $300,000 by Assumption College this year. Construction work on the structure will start on or…

Walkerville High School

From the Border Cites Star, June 23, 1921: Sketch of the design accepted by the Walkerville School Board for the new high school to be erected at a cost of $450,000. It was prepared by Boyd (sic) and Thomson of Windsor. The new building will be located on Huron street, between Devonshire and Monmouth roads. It will be of a gray-buff color (sic) and will contain 24 class-rooms in addition to…
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3209 Church Street

I have always been interested in the odd spattering of old model homes around South Windsor, which are all related to various subdivision projects of the late 1920’s that were killed by the depression. This one at 3209 Church St., just south of Norfolk. An ad for the…
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Brewster Projects - Detroit

Happy Friday everyone… Here we are again, and today we’ll head across the river to take a look at this great rendering of the original plans for the Brewster Projects. The photo is dated April 11, 1936, and the caption of the back reads: Brewster – (East Side) slum clearance project – 11 blocks, bounded by Rowena, Brewster, St. Antoine & Rivard The project was…
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Proposed Empress Theatre

The rendering above from The Evening Record – October 14, 1913. Architect Unknown. “The above is the archltect’s perspective of the new proposed Empress Theatre, which will he erected opposite the Joseph Appelbe Company’s stores on Pitt street. The…

Proposed Sandwich Swimming Pool

As talk continues about municipal swimming pools, I thought this proposal from 1931, that was never realized might be appropriate. Another one for the unbuilt files… From the Border Cities Star, August 12, 1931: HERE is the drawing made by Mr. Robert M. Thompson…