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Checker Cab - 1947

From the Windsor Daily Star December 31, 1947 Park & Goyeau, does anyone remember, was this building still there into the late 80’s early 90’s? It’s where the Tim Horton’s is today. I seem to recall there being something there prior to the Tim Horton’s into the early 1990’s. Anyone with a better memory? I didn’t pay enough attention or take enough…
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1953 Mercury

Image Courtesty Andrew Hobson/Allen Cornwall Today’s photo comes courtesy of reader Andrew Hobson and his grandfather Allen Cornwall. It comes from a Ford of Canada promotional postcard. The caption on the back reads as follows: The graceful lines of this 1953 Mercury…
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Ouellette Avenue - 1965

Happy Friday the 13th! Today’s old photo is dated March 23, 1965 and bears a Detroit Free Press stamp on the back. The caption reads: Windsor Mayor John Wheelton is beaming these days as he looks over his bustling town. There is $25 million worth of building going on…
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1941 Richmond - Dr. Peter Dewar House

Today we take a look at the Dr. Peter Dewar house located at 1941 Richmond across the street from Wiliistead park. The pictures come from the April, 1926 issue of “Construction”. Above is a photo captioned “View from the street”. “End view showing garage and service entrance”. “Garden Side” A view of the ground floor plan. This residence was…
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1989 Ontario Street – Part III

There has been very few subjects that have generated as much discussion as this house. Between the first and second post, over 80 comments have been left. The photo above was taken Saturday, the windows went in over the last few weeks from what I understand… I’m…
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Coach and Horses - 1979

Happy Friday, the first one of 2012! Today’s old photo shows the Ferry Street entrance to the Coach & Horses, dated October 16, 1979. Here’s a perfect example of how “curb appeal” helps… View Larger Map Have a good weekend everyone! See…
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Welcome to the Chicken Court

Today’s old Post Card comes courtesy of regular reader Linda C. From the caption on the back: Welcome to the CHICKEN COURT, 531 Pelissier St., Windsor, Ont., Canada. Tasty chicken, steak and sea food dinners. Home made pastries & rolls. We cater to weddings and banquets . . Tel. CL. 2-7226, Windsor. Prop. Andrew Kominar. [NOTE – I covered the Chicken Court before (other photos…
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2011 - The Year In Review

Well we’ve made it through another year… Seems like a large number of demolitions this year… Parkway demolition continued in full force, so there are probably some demolitions I missed, if so as always, add ’em in the comments. Here’s what I…
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6425 Riverside Drive East

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, today we head out to Riverside to pay a visit to the Senator McMillan house at 6425 Riverside Drive East. From the 1908 edition of “The Detroiters“: McGRAW, William T.; born, Lavonia Township, Wayne Co.; Mich., May 12, 1860…