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Reader Submission

Today’s post comes courtesy of a regular reader named Jamie T. The photo was taken by Jamie’s father from the car, at the intersection of Ouellette and Riverside. On the far right hand side the British American Hotel is visible, and on the left is the brand new Dieppe Park, and Cleary Guest House. Judging by the Detroit skyline and the presence of 1 Woodard Ave. I would guesstimate…
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Ouellette & Riverside - 1920

Awww c’mon… Another postcard post! Sorry, for the lack of variety in the posts lately, I’ve found myself with less and less free time of late, so the post that require less work are the ones coming out lately… Soon enough though, spring is in the…

Howard Avenue Looking North - 1920

Today is an old post card that says it is looking north on Howard Avenue. I have driven Howard several times, but I have never been able to locate anything visible in the postcard. Given the corner location and age, I suspect it was either taken at the corner of Gilles or…
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Oliver Mowat Perry

There are places all around our fair city, that bear the names of people who were once well known prominent citizens. As the years pass, and memories fade, those names start to lose meaning, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who walks past a building or school and wonders who the building was named after. Located on the corner of Wyandotte and Crawford, is one such building. The…
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Ferry Boat "Pleasure"

The post Monday about the Ferry Dock, reminded me of this photo that was posted a long time ago, to the first version of the website, long before it was in today’s Blog format. The Pleasure was built in 1894, and worked for the Detroit & Windsor Ferry…

Ferry Landing - 1920

A postcard today, that I hadn’t come across before… It’s an interesting view of the Ferry Landing, from about 1920, and at the height of the auto age. The cars are coming off the ferry, and it looks like some are lined up on the right waiting to get on the…

Humpty Dumpty Trailer Court - Revisited

Back in December we paid a visit to the Humpty Dumpty Trailer Court, I recently came across this picture of the place as well: Tel. Yorktown 9-4260 For Reservations On No. 2 Hwy. Walker Rd at Traffic Light. 10 Minutes to Downtown Windsor or Detroit – Swimming Pool – T.V. – Room…
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A sketch of Glengarda Ursuline School, designed in 1938 by J.C. Pennington. The building opened in 1939, and stood until 1998, when despite being designated, the Mady Corp tore it down for this… View Larger Map In a booklet issued about the history of Glengarda, to…
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Downtown Windsor - 1930

Up today is a photo looking north from the Norton Palmer Hotel taken in 1930. Despite all the things I cover here on the website that have been mangled, or demolished, it’s funny how this one vantage point would still look remarkably similar even today. 🙂…