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Joseph L. Reaume House - 1924

One for the lost Windsor files, is this house that once belonged to Joseph Reaume of Ford City. Reaume was a builder and was was also the assessor of the town of Ford City. The house was built to resemble houses that Reaume saw during his winters away in California. The bedroom were all located to the rear of the home in a part that could be described as an annex, separate from the living…
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DemolitionLost WindsorOld Newspaper StoriesOld Photographs

Marcon Home Demolition - Russell Street - 1978

Demolition of old Marcon home on Russell Street recalls memories for 92 year old Alma Cronin By Brian Porter Star Staff Reporter “Over there’s where I used to play, and that’s where rose bushes once grew.” More than 90 years of memories came rushing back Tuesday to Alma Cronin as she walked around the Frank E. Marcon house in the old town of Sandwich. “My…
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Old Newspaper StoriesOld Photographs

Proposed Howard Avenue Subway - 1930

This is a great shot form 1930, looking south along Howard Avenue. There was a proposal to build an underpass under the tracks here in 1930, that obviously never came to be. The location of the proposed $500,000 Howard avenue grade separation is shown in this photograph.
Old Photographs

Mitchell Sworn in as Mayor - 1924

The photographer caught Mr. Frank J. Mitchell, Windsor’s new mayor, in the act of taking his oath of office this morning, and secured an interesting picture The top photograph shows Mayor Mitchell being administered the oath by City Clerk Dickinson in the Mayor’s…
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Tunnel Bar-B-Q 2015

I recently came across this photo that I took in April, 2015 in a folder of older pictures. 2015 doesn’t feel like that long ago, but it was nearly eight years ago already. The long lost Tunnel Bar-B-Q was a local institution for generations, dating back to the the…