The Cleary Auditorium

Some of these have been posted before, but I’ve recently come across a rendering showing the proposed, but only partially built Cleary Auditorium.

This rendering above dates to about 1955-56 and the early planning stages of the “Civic Auditorium”. Designed by Johnson & McWhinnie, the building was actually built in 1957.

Above are a few postcards of the building after it was built. As you can see compared to the rendering the western section was never built.

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It’s a shame. Perhaps if the building had been built as it was originally intended to be, it may have been more useful and had a longer life without renovation. Once the hotels were built to the west, the building essentially became landlocked, and unable to expand.

With the demolition of the Guest House and the sale of the Cleary to St. Clair College, the legacy of the Cleary Family, and their contributions to the rebirth of the civic centre in the late 1950’s, is all but forgotten today.


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