834 Lawrence Rd

Located at 834 Lawrence just south of the large Shopper’s Drug Mart parking lot, is this odd building. Clad in siding, it stands out as not being like the houses around it.

A bit of digging turned up that it was built a church back in 1923. This was the original home of St. Aiden’s Anglican church, which was located here until it moved to a new home at the corner of Wyandotte and Westminster around 1953. Looks like the church was renamed about 2013 and is today St. Augustine’s Anglican Church.

Although tough to see in this original rendering, the form of the structure matches the planned church exactly. Other than being reclad the building seems to have retained the original shape and window layout as well. I’m curious what the inside looks like.

The building is noted in the drawing as being the new Ford-Riverside Anglican Church, and was designed by architect Douglas C. Winter.

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