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Greyhound Bus Terminal - Ouellette Ave c 1930

Image © Bernie Drouillard Collection, digitized by John Stefani A shot of the old Greyhound Station, on Ouellette & Park about 1930. I think a similar picture has been posted here previously, but this scan comes to us via John Stefani, who digitized some more of Bernie Drouillard’s collection for us. Thanks as always to those two guys. If there’s anything to add I’m sure…
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Windsor - Detroit Tunnel Entrance c 1974

A neat shot showing the long running GM new look coaches. The last of these weren’t retried until about 4 or 5 years ago. The old sign at the tunnel entrance is long gone, as is the old GREYHOUND marquee on the old bus station. Along the awning of the bus…
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The Border Cities - Canada's Southern Gateway - 1929

Most of the old photos from 1929 posted over the last few weeks came from this old promotional booklet. I’m posting the cover today only because I think it’s a great old advertisement for the area, and a great piece of Jazz Age graphic design. Have a great…
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The Honeymoon Nest - 1929

A photo that appeared in a promotional booklet from 1929, shows the above with the caption: “Honeymoon Nest, Walkerville Tourist Camp” I half looked for the location of this place of the years, but never come up with where it was actually located. I suppose it…
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The Royal Windsor Garage - 334 Dougall - 1937

Another one for the lost Windsor category. The long demolish Royal Windsor Garage. The Royal Windsor Garage was located on Dougall between University and Park, and sat to the rear of the Royal Windsor Apartments. The Rose Garden Villa Long Term Care Home currently occupies the site today. I’m not sure when it was demolished. It’s visible in the aerial photo I have access to from 1961…
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Lost WindsorOld PhotographsWindsor

Ouellette & Pitt - c. 1929

A view of Ouellette Avenue at the end of the boom years. This shot shows the two major local downtown department stores, Bartlet, MacDonald & Gow as well as C. H. Smith’s. Of all the buildings visible in this picture, only one still stands today, and is the current…