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Photo Du Jour - November 30, 2005 - Patricia St. House - Then & Now

Here is the front lawn after a family wedding in the late 1920’s Here is the same view today Here is a full view today And another older view. These older photos are courtesy of John Stefani, who’s Great-Grandparent’s owned the house in the 1920’s. According to the family, the house is a design of architect Albert Lothian. The house is certainly in his style, and…
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Old Car Factories

So, over on the Detroityes.com forum, there has been a thread on Old Car Factories going since February. We have attempted to create over there a semi-official list, gleaned from all the info. we’ve been spewing for the last 8 months. So…. Without further delay, I am pleaded to present the Old Car Factory List v. 2.01. Many thanks to Hornwrecker from the forum for creating the master…
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Photo Du Jour - October 28, 2005 - Canadian Club

For many years, the Canadian Club sign illuminated the Windsor Shoreline, relentlesly advertising the Distillery’s wares. Now it’s been gone less than a decade, but is probably forgotten by many. The sign however had quite a history. This photo above is from c.

The Big Boy Comes To Town...

Yesterday at the Windsor Airport, we had a semi-rare visitor arrived with Cargo for G.M. This giant Antonov-124 from the Ukraine was the guest of honor, as this heavy rolled into town. It’s hard to tell in photos, but the aircraft is massive. Here are some specs: Wing…
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Photo Du Jour - October 26, 2005 - Works Of Albert J. Lothian

During the 1920’s & 1930’s one of Windsor’s pre-eminent local Architects was Albert James Lothian. Lothian was born in Scotland in 1895, and moved to Canada early on. He came to Windsor after returning from WWI. Albert Lothian c. 1920 – Photo courtesy of his daughter Jean Kalich He was one of Windsor’s more unique residential architects as seen in the…
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