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Back at the end of March, on the end of the Canadian Motor Lamp post, there were some comments posted about terrible places to work. Burningrome had posted that the worst place to work in Windsor “had to be Kasle Steel over on Sprucewood by the racetrack – ancient, decrepit, hot, noisy and unsafe as hell!”. I’m not sure if the safety level has changed since the 1980’s, but the facility was recently sold to a larger steel conglomorate.

The old Saw tooh roof of the Kasle Steel factory.

The steel history of the West side is kind of interesting. Around 1913, plans were created to erect a company town surrounded by a massive steel factory. Different newspaper report siad the deveolpment was going to be the “Gary, IN of Canada”. Well the First World War, then the Deepression and then WWII came, always putting an end to the plans. The great planned town of Ojibway never got built. When the town was founded there was a by-law on the books making Ojibway a dry town. When the Horse Racetrack was put in the 1960’s, they had to hold a “referendum” to repeal the no alchool sales by-law, and I think that the voting consisted of about 4 people.

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