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The Merloray Building

Another project to add to the Windsor that could have been… Instead it’s just added to the list of Unbuilt Windsor projects. The 18 story Merloray Building, announced February 13, 1929. I suspect the great crash of 1929 helped kill this project… THE MERLORAY BUILDING – TO BE FINEST AND LARGEST WEST OF TORONTO The above sketch, prepared by Messrs. Pennington & Boyde…
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The Windsor Travelodge

From the holdings of the Windsor Municipal Archives – Johnson-McWhinnie Collection The other day I was down at the Municipal Archives, when I stumbled across these plans drawn up by Johnson-McWhinnie for a hotel project that never happened. From the holdings of the…

Royal Windsor Hotel

To file under the “Unbuilt Windsor” section, two renderings for Royal Windsor Hotel (also designed by Trace, O’Dell & Diehl), one from 1927, and one from 1928. The hotel grew during the year that passed between these two renderings, and it was never…
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Bank of Hamilton Building

From the April 28, 1920 issue of the Border Cities Star. PROPOSED BORDER BANK BUILDING The above engraving is from a sketch made by McGrifin & Smith, Toronto architects, of the proposed building for the Bank of Hamilton at the corner of Ouelllette avenue and Chatham streets, Windsor. Tenders are now being called for and it is said to be the intention of the bank to proceed with construction…
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Hugh Beaton School

Located on the corner of Lens and Windermere in south Walkerville, is this grand old school. Built in 1928 by the local firm of Nichols, Sheppard & Masson, sadly this building also received the same half assed window replacement that Walkerville C.I. also…
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Unbuilt Fire Hall

From the May 24, 1928 Border Cities Star The plan was to build this Ford City Fire Station on Drouillard Road, opposite Demming Ave. As you can see on the 1937 map, there was a lumber yard on Drouillard, opposite Demming Ave. Today Demming Ave. doesn’t even exist.
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Unbuilt Windsor - # 5

From June 1927: ARCITECTS DRAWING FOR $1,500,000 CLUB BUILDING This 12 story building was designed by Pennington & Boyde, it was supposed to be built at Pitt & Dougall. It was going to be home to the North American Athletic Club. The plan was for floors 5-11 to be filled with rooms, similar to the YMCA. It’s a shame that these buildings featured this week weren’t realized.
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Unbuilt Windsor - # 4

From December 1928: PROPOSED ROYAL WINDSOR HOTEL This building was to be the tallest hotel in the British Empire. Designed by O’Dell, Trace & Diehl, it was to be part of the Royal Windsor Complex. The Apartment Building (still standing) and Garage (demolished)…
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Unbuilt Windsor - # 3

From December 1926: NEW HOTEL ALSO ON 1927 PROGRAM Part of the hotel devolopment being planned for the Border Cities. This is the architects’ drawing of the new hotel which a syndicate headed by Ace K. Davis, proposes to erect at the corner of London St. (University…