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Then & Now 1911 - 2006

I came across this postcard a few years ago. It was simply marked “Walkerville, Ont.” and postmarked 1911. No other details. Luckily the former town of Walkerville was fairly small in land size. The town was only 5 blocks wide, but several miles long.
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Sincerely yours, Richard W. Reading

MAYOR RICHARD W. READING’S WORK MUST GO IN! Under the Reading administration the city’s total bonded indebtedness has been reduced $15,123,406! Under the Reading administration traffic fatalities have been cut 41%! Dick Reading, for his elimination of sit-down strikes, for his far-reaching economy program, for his purge of welfare cheats, for his tireless efforts to secure for Detroit…
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February 15, 2006 - Cobo Arena

Located on the Riverfront, and underused is the historic Cobo Arena. Built in 1960 it is nothing spectacular architecturally, but it has a legendary musical pedigree. Some very big selling musical albums were recorded live at Cobo – Among them: Kiss – Alive!