Lost WindsorWindsor

Lear Demolition

The death fences are up… …The metal siding has been stripped… … and a trip around back shows that demolition is in full swing. More proof that our manufacturing jobs are gone and never coming back… I suspect acres of parking to be in the future for this land. Funny how the Spitfires were able to play at Windsor arena for 30+ years in an urban setting, and people…
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Lost WindsorWindsor

Prince of Wales - Part 2

Today we head up to the top floor… At the top of the stairs in the west staircase. For David’s benefit, note there is some water damage around the window frames. Looking out the windows over a sea of surface lots. This is the 1927 expansion. A view of the…
Lost WindsorWindsor

Prince of Wales - Part 1

With the Prince of Wales only a memory, let’s take a look around the inside of what used to be. Inside the front lobby looking back towards the front doors. Big heavy old oak doors, they sure don’t build schools like this. At one time the stairs split, with a…