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Riverside Recreation and Memorial Centre - 1957 - 2011

A few readers sent in emails to let me know that the Riverside Arena was being wiped away this holiday weekend. The building that was built by the Town of Riverside bites the dust at the age of 54, a victim of the WFCU Centre. As many may remember, the proceeds from the sale of the Riverside arena as well as the Edward Street Community Centre were all factored into the final cost of the new…
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Henkel Mansion Demolition - 1950

There have been a few posts over the years [like this one, and this one too] about the Henkel Mansion in Ford City, I’ve finally been able to track down something solid about the demolition. From the Windsor Star November 1, 1950: One of Windsor’s most famous landmarks is being torn down to make way for a new city residential subdivision. The Henkel home, shown above, located on…
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Wolf's Hotel

Happy Friday once again everyone! Today’s photo is a bit of a mystery. I sadly don’t have much background on it either… It is dated April 18, 1954, and the caption on the back reads: Wolfgang Feller Windsor Roadhouse Prop. – Wolf Hotel I did find the…
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33 Wyandotte Street East - 1948

We looked at the Syrian Coffee Shop back in April, today’s photo is from the same series. This one is dated February 29, 1948, the caption on the back simply reads: 33 Wyandotte Windsor – Gambling The series is an interesting snapshot in time of the…
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Delux Redux - 1194 Monmouth

Happy Victoria Day everyone! Regular readers of the site may recall the post on the boarded up Deluxe Apartments back in May, 2009. Photo © John Foot The six-plex, after 2+ years, has met the same fate as the two houses to the north, and is now a pile of rubble. The building was demolished last Wednesday, May 18th. Photo © John Foot As is the Windsor way, like we’ve seen time and…
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Syrian Coffee House - 1948

Another Friday, and again the end of another month… This one is a bit a mystery. This photo is part of a grouping of store fronts all dated Feb. 29, 1948. The caption on the back reads: Syrian Club on Cartier St., Windsor, Ont. Gambling I am assuming that there must…