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Ford Factory - 1935

Happy Friday once again. Today is an old photo from the Ford Motor Company, dated July 12, 1935. The caption on the back reads as follows: The machine shop and final assembly building. This building covers more than 13 acres of ground. At the extreme left is the new electric furnace foundry, built this year at a cost of $500,000. This part of the picture is my favourite. The large apartment…
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Walkerville From Above - c. 1970

Happy Friday once again everyone. Today is an undated photo of the Walkerville Area from above. I’m guessing the date to be about 1970 or so. The old Train Station is gone, and the Waterfront Ford Plant # 1 is also gone. It was demolished in 1969. So I doubt that the…
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Manning Hotel & Post Office - c. 1915

As is usual in old Windsor postcards, everything here is gone… A view looking east on Pitt Street towards Ouellette Avenue,with a streetcar rumbling past… A good view here in front of the old post office, showing the old memorial fountain which was moved to Jackson Park when the old post office was demolished in 1929. Also interesting to note the old posts, that were also moved to…
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Leo Page Residence - 1919

Today we go to Ouellette Avenue, but all the way back to November 8, 1919. We took a look at the Leo Page house back in 2009 here. But I’ve recently obtained a copy of original photo. What a grand house. This front entrance seems very Great Gatsby-esque, and makes me…
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451 Park Street West - 1965

So this picture ran on the Windsor Star’s from the vault the other week. I thought it was pretty neat old shot of the School Board offices, and deserved further investigation. So here it is, from June 24, 1965: NEW AND OLD – Work has been completed on a…
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Edgewater Thomas Inn - Riverside

One of the old prohibition era roadhouses, was the Edgewater Inn, in Riverside. It was owned by Bertha Thomas, a very colourful character, who moved to Riverside from Detroit as a widow in the early 1920’s. She died in 1955. Later known as Adam Martini’s, the old tavern burned down in 1970. It was located on Riverside Drive & Bertha Street. Lilly Kazzilli’s was built on the…
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Devonshire Racetrack

The history of the racetrack has been covered many times on this site (here, here, here and here), but here another old postcard view from the early 1920’s that was posted in the original site, many years ago. Hard to imagine now, but at one time we were home to three…
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Ada C. Richards - Follow up

Back on the 7th, we took a final look at Ada C. Richards School. Last weekend, I swung by to take a look at the aftermath. The structure is completely gone. Just a pile of rubble remains. The sidewalk to the door remains, but lead only to bricks. Houses on side streets…