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Windsor Waterfront Aerial – 1930

Happy Friday once again everyone! Today’s photo is dated July 11, 1930 and features a good look along Windsor’s waterfront.

I’m not sure what event this was used to illustrate, but with early “photoshop” techniques, they’ve circled the old train station, and also highlighted with the arrow, the location of the City Hall. It would have been a stroll though a densely packed urban area, a much different Windsor than one would see today if they took the same route…

Interesting to note as it was still 6 months away from opening, the Windsor-Detroit tunnel plaza is still far from complete…

One of the parts of the photo that grabbed my eye, was this stretch of Pitt St. West. and the two 3 story buildings side by side. Those two buildings were both fine looking structures, and today are parking lots.

This photo truly shows what downtown Windsor once was, and how much has been lost. In 80 years, we’ve gone from a dense urban area, to an area devoid of a cohesive feel, and devoid of the life that many vibrant urban areas have.

Hopefully the election in a few weeks puts in some people with foresight and initiative into office….


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