Hiram Walker & Sons Offices – c. 1895

Photo from the Chris Edwards collection

Here today is a nice old view of the Walker Office, this one dating to about 1895. Looks like a slew of people arriving for a day of work. A fitting picture for a Monday morning.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. Use to love going on the H Walker tours and ending in there. Was back in 70’s when I was a kid but for some reason I remember the bowels of nuts they served there. Funny what we remember

  2. I remember the giant elm trees that were out front.Dutch elm desease came along.There were plastic hoses placed along the bases of the trees.They were injecting something into the trees, to try and ward off this disease. To no avail.They were cut down. I don’t know what year.Also the gardens were well kept up , not like now.

  3. One summer I worked part-time in the basement of the building, shredding documents and lists. I would tell people that I worked “right under the President”! Literally, that was true as the room I worked in was under his office.

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