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451 Park Street West – 1965

So this picture ran on the Windsor Star’s from the vault the other week. I thought it was pretty neat old shot of the School Board offices, and deserved further investigation. So here it is, from June 24, 1965:

    NEW AND OLD – Work has been completed on a $462,000 addition to the Windsor Board of Education’s administration building. The new wing creates a striking contrast against a background of the building’s older wing, shown in the background.

    The foyer of the new building presents an impressive scene of colorful (sic) architecture

    Office Accommodation Almost Double


    Windsor’s education picture has received a sinking new frame. It is valued at more than $450,000 and adds sparkle to a formerly colorless subject. The frame may he seen at 451 Park St W in the shape of the Windsor Board of Education’s new administration building addition. Constructed by Collavino Brothers Ltd., and designed by J.P. Thomson Associates, both Windsor firms, the addition almost doubles the board’s available floor space.

    Its completion marks the first time in more than a quarter century that a major sum of money has been spent on administration facilities for education in the city. The board’s staff of 45 was in urgent need of the additional office space, and Dr. T C White, director of education, remarked that annexation may necessitate even more space. ‘We hope the new addition will provide space for the additional functions which will develop with annexation, but, if necessary, additional floors may be added in the future,” Dr. White said.

    The new wing presents an impressive contrast to the older section of the administration facilities. Its bright color combinations are pleas ing to the eye and assist in making areas appear much larger than they actually are. A new board room, a 126 seat auditorium, two large conference rooms and two smaller offices occupy the 22,500 square feet of the addition’s top floor.

    Spacious offices for Dr While, C H MacLeod, assistant director and superintendent of public schools; and Joseph Ord, superintendent of secondary schools, are provided on the main floor. Seven smaller offices for assistant superintendents, conference rooms, and a reference room are also on this floor. The main floor will also house the city’s adult education branch, which presently operates from the National Employment Building.

    A large cafeteria, staff rest rooms, shipping and receiving areas and other storage areas are on the lower floor.

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Somewhere along the way, the neat mid-century building was replaced with this one. Given the style, in must have been late 1970’s – early 1980’s. So the building featured above couldn’t have made it two decades. Anyone know the story behind this? Was it just expanded and reclad?

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