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Children’s Aid Society – Then & Now

Built in 1962, the building is misidentified as being located on the corner of Tuscarora & Louis, it’s actually on the corner of Cataraqui & Louis.

Sometime later, the building was expanded, and the addition is much larger than the original section of the building. Also the original entrance was remodeled, with the wall removed.

Today the building is mostly vacant since they moved to the new palace on Riverside Drive. Occasionally there are maintenance truck on site, and the police Dog Units seem to use the building with some regularity.

Other than that, the future of the building remains undetermined. The City Social Services office is next door on Louis, and it has been vacant since 400 City Hall Square opened, and the city has been trying unsuccessfully to sell it off. Unlike the CAS building, no one comes by to keep up the city building.

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