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Old Photos 1910 – Part I

Some of these I may have posted before, others maybe not…

These are from my personal collection, and they date to about 1910-1915…

The Canadian Club sign on the docks at Walkerville. It was designed by Albert Kahn.

Riverside Dr. (then Sandwich St.) looking east from around Ferry St. Note the sign for the Evening Record on top of the buildings on the left. That was their home until they moved to their present location on Ferry and Pitt. The Record eventually became the Windsor Star in 1918.

An unknown structure, likely on Riverside Drive between the ferry docks and the Hiram Walker brewery.

The rear of the Hiram Walker offices. The vantage point of this shot is very high, and would have been taken from the water. The shooter must have been on a large boat? There was some kind of party going on, note the large tent in the foreground.

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