2003 – The Year In Review

**Originally Uploaded to the old Website 12-31-03**

On the last day of 2003, I would like to take the time to reflect on buildings in the International Metropolis that fell to the Wreckers ball during the last 12 months, if you have any to add to the list please feel free to add them…

From top to bottom:

St Cyril & Methodus Church, Detroit

The Canadian Transit Company Building, Windsor

111 Watson St., Detroit

Daimler Chrysler Canada Headquarters, Windsor

The Soup Kitchen Saloon, Detroit (While not yet demolished, it suffered an extensive fire in October)

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  1. I’m fairly new also Andrew and I love your site. What a great job you do.
    I would like to know where the CANADIAN TRANSIT COMPANY building was before it was razed.
    Thanks in advance

  2. I’m pretty certain that the Canadian Transit building was on Huron Church between Wyandotte and College. Perhaps some day Andrew will answer this question. 🙂

  3. I am looking for the name of the dry goods store that was on Wyandotte E. near Lincoln Jewish owners, the store was packed from top to bottom with lots of childrens clothing very reasonable…and they always knew where anything was when you asked for it….

  4. I’m now looking for the name of the hotel that was beside Marios restaurant at Tecumseh Rd. W. and Ouellette. It had a large wooden front porch across the front of the bldg.what year was that and thank you

  5. The Colonial House was next to Marios at Tecumseh Rd. It is mentioned in article about Marios on page 29 or 30 on this site. Also mentioned in story about Kennedy school.

  6. Regarding these buildings being “wrecked” with the hard ball…I can’t figure out why Windsor would demolish buildings that have character, architecture and are a piece of our heritage. When I visit other places, the downtown and surrounding areas are so historical (i.e. Kingston) with all of the beautiful buildings from the 1800s and 1900s. It is a real shame that this is still going on. As for the Soup Kitchen Saloon…that was the best musical place when I was growing up to go to. Listening to jazz at its finest.

  7. I am so happy I found this site….I now would like to know if the Colonial House was ever called the “Driving Park” as my friend insists….

  8. I am looking for the name of a chinese rest. on Ouellette of many years ago, near Gitlins furniture store which was close to Ouellette and Wyandotte

  9. The resturant that comes to mind is the Radio Tavern, east side of Ouellette I think next to Gitlins store.
    If you look at the topic Ouellette Av. 1965, you can see the bottom of the tavern sign behind the Pacific Loans sign. Zoom in to 400% to get a good look. Close this go to the bottom of this page, click on page 2 scroll down to the article. Hope this helps.

  10. Heres a question for Jean Forster, do you know the name of the principal at Forester high school in 1957-58? Or is this before your time.


  12. To Jean Forster and JBM: There were two chinese restaurants across from each other. The Lotus Garden was next to Gitlins and across the street was the Bamboo garden. Both were tiny hole in the wall luncheonette type places, popular with cops and cab drivers. The Mai Mai was 2 blocks south of this block.

  13. My parents purchased the Lotus Gardens after a fire in the early 70’s and we reopened the restaurant, called the King Wah Restaurant, which was next to the furniture store Gitlins (and later, the CanAm Bingo). My family owned the restaurant for 17 years until the late 80’s. I spent most of my youth working in this restaurant helping my parents.

  14. I’m still having trouble placing the Canadian Transit Company Building. What is there now? Is it the parking lot next to Customs? I go over the bridge every day now for work, but didn’t use the bridge much when it was still standing.

  15. Does anyone have any photos of The Post Office Restaurant that was on Pitt Street around the corner from the downtown post office ? My Mom worked there as a waitress in the 1930’s. Also I am trying to find photos dating back to the 1920’s and 30’s of both the students and the actual building of Holy Rosary School on Drouillard . These pics seem to be very hard to find .Thanks so much !

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