2004 – The Year In Review

**Originally Uploaded to the old Website 12-31-04**

Like I did last year, I present a review of buildings that were demolished in 2004.

Above, Albert Kahn’s Transportation Building. Brought down for an expanded parking garage for the Dime building.

Below, the Terra-cotta clad Freud Building, demolished for parking.

The former Hughes & Hatcher store, demolished for parking.

Englewood Downtown Beauty Supply & Records for you, demolished for parking. The Englewood building was formerly the home for many years to Sander’s downtown store.

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  1. First of all, as I am new to International Metropolis, I want to compliment you, Andrew, on the wonderful work you do on this site for the preservation of Windsor/Detroit history. Some folks may disagree, but we have here a very different, unique pair of cities with a common rich history. Too many people are negative about them. What a great site this is to celebrate our rich common heritage! Thanks muchly, Andrew! I look forward to more.
    I remember vividly the Sanders store in downtown Detroit. As a kid, Mom used to take me shopping in J.L.Hudson’s at various times of the year. The 12th floor toy department was absolute heaven for a little kid. It was full of model railroads – Lionel and such. At Christmas, it was a great place to visit Santa. (Sometimes I would visit him a second time same day in Smith’s third floor auditorium in Windsor and wondered how he got there across the river so fast. Those reindeer were quite something!). Anyway, a visit to Sanders was a must after shopping. It had a huge long ice cream /soda fountain-type bar, the longest I’ve ever seen. A winding staircase took you downstairs for lunches. These were days before air conditioning was common in homes, and cool treats were a necessity for relief from the heat. This reminds me of Faygo’s “Remember When” commercial that I love so much. (See YouTube). If only I had a time machine!

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