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Turkish Scrap

A long time fixture on the Great Lakes, and even longer as a tied up hulk on Windsor’s West Side, the S.S. Aquarama, is nearing the end of her days, and is awaiting the end in a Turkish Scrapyard. The postcard above was postmarked 1957 and the caption on the back read as follows: “AQUARAMA”, new luxurious passenger cruiser on the Great Lakes. WINDSOR, ONTARIO…
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Top Hat - Part I

Once upon a time, Windsor was the King of Entertainment. Supper-Clubs with big-name entertainment was common, among the biggest were the Elmwood (covered recently here, here and here), The Metropole and the Top Hat (which we looked at back in May). Today we look at some historical promotional material graciously donated by Sam Drakich. A few shots of the interior of the Top Hat from a postcard…
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Old PhotographsPhoto Du JourPostcardsWindsor

Univeristy of Windsor

For all the students heading back to school next week, here’s a look back at the beginnings of the University of Windsor. Campus looked pretty bare back in ’54. University Centre, built in 1962, is at the heart of the University of Windsor campus, an…
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Palace Theatre - 1985

We were talking on Friday about the original Palace Theatre on Ouellette Ave. The following photos were forwarded to me by Darren at, who took them from his apartment at the Royal Windsor Terrace where he lived at the time. The theatre was opened in 1920, as…