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667 Cataraqui Street

Here’s only old drawing from an ad that ran in the Border Cities Star in 1932. This building was located on the south side of Cataraqui Street, just west of Louis Ave. This warehouse built in 1922 and survived through the mid 1960’s. It was originally the Maillioux and Parent offices and warehouse, built in 1922, and used by the company through 1928. They were better known as the…
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Oliver Farm Subdivision

“Officials of the small holdings development branch of the Veterans Land Act visited the Maryland or Oliver subdivision near Windsor yesterday to view the subdivision and judge it as par of the Dominion-wide competition which will name the best developed subdivision in…
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Men Who Designed Windsor - Guy Buller Colthurst

It’s been a while since we’ve had a profile looking at some of the architects who helped to design the city we see today. G.B. Colthurst was born in Toronto in 1882, and moved to England at a young age, where received his education. He started his architectural career in London, England as a partner in the firm of Colthurst & Gott from 1905 to 1907. In 1908 Colthurst returned to…
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Grace Hospital Nurses' Residence

One of my favourite buildings on the Grace Hospital complex, is the Brett Building, at the corner of University & Oak. The photo above appeared in the Windsor Star – December 12, 1953: “The steel girders going into place for the new nurses’ residence…
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New Home Of Studebaker

A while back we took a look at this building located on the south west corner of Chatham & Pelissier Streets. Recently I uncovered this rendering of the building that appeared in the Evening Record, May 30, 1917. Along with the rendering the following article also…
Lost WindsorOld Newspaper StoriesOld PhotographsWindsor

Cooper Court

From the Border Cities Star – May 30, 1925: COOPER COURT, FINEST OF BORDER RESIDENCES Above is a general view of Cooper Court, taken from the front. It gives a good idea of the magnificent proportions of the handsome residence, and of the beautiful grounds which front it. The home is built on the site of the former Charles S. King residence. Mr Cooper bought the property from Mr. King and…
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Outdoor Phone Booths For Windsor

Something that I, and most readers will, remember being everywhere while growing up, but with the rise of the mobile phone, is likely to all but disappear over the next little while… I have to say I found it surprising that they are as you as this, I would have…