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Elmwood Casino - Part III

The first incarnation of the Elmwood Hotel, which was fined several times for liquor violations was destroyed in a $50,000 fire, December 19, 1943. The owners at the time seemed to flout any rules openly, and were constantly under scrutiny. They started building the…
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Elmwood Part II

This postcard dates to the late 1940’s and shows the original building before additions. The building today. A postcard from the late 1950’s of the entire complex. Like taken after the motel was built in 1956. A view of the lobby of the motel building. Classic…
Old Newspaper StoriesPhoto Du JourWindsor

Ford Plant 1 Demolition

From the Windsor Star, December 22, 1969. The Walls Tumble Down – No this isn’t a Second World War photo of bombed out Berlin or Coventry. It’s the demolition of Ford of Canada’s old Plant 1 complex on Riverside Dr. E. Six old plant building are coming down under the wrecker’s hammer. Star photographer Walter Jackson took this photo of the destruction as the…
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New Link Ready in Expressway Program

November 7, 1959 EXPRESSWAY LINK – Opening of the final link this week in the Lodge Expressway will prove especially convenient for Windsor drivers who visit the Detroit area. This map shows the Detroit Expressway system. Solid lines indicate the parts of the Lodge and Edsel Ford routes in use. Dotted lines show where the Chrysler Expressway will go. The routes are simple. Using the…
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