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Under Construction

Welcome to this week’s edition of Old Photo Friday. To we have a photo that likely dates to 1928-1929, unlike the date stamped on the back of the photo “April 15, 1930”. The Bridge opened November 11, 1929. According to this brief history of the Bridge, because the Bridge opened ahead of schedule there was a deal where the Bridge owner would split the revenues with…
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1017 Ouellette Avenue

Thanks to Urbanrat for the reminder that this house had become demolition number 1, for 2010. I looked high and low, but couldn’t come up with a photo of the place. Google streetview saves the day… The closest thing I had was this photo from 2003. You can see…
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The End Of Bruce Baptist Church

From the Windsor Daily Star August 26, 1949: One of the city’s familiar landmarks has disappeared with the demolition of the tower of the former Bruce Avenue Baptist Church to make way for the new Bethel Pentecostal Church at London Street West and Bruce Avenue. On the new foundation a basement church already in use. The superstructure of the new building, when it is completed, will be…
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2009 - The Year In Review

Sadly, 2009 goes into the books as another banner year for demolitions. JANUARY – PRINCE OF WALES 1918 – 2009. To be replaced with the new Engineering Building at the University of Windsor. JANUARY – ROYALE TAVERN c. 1920 – 2009. Replaced by a…
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Another Demolition

Back in May, we paid a visit to the corner of Lincoln & Cataraqui to talk about the demolition of three houses on Lincoln Road. I got a call Thursday night from my dad, who gave me the heads up that the garage has met the same fate… Looks like somebody has…

Old Sprawlmart/Woolco

Oddly, the demolition seems to be done at Lauzon & Tecumseh. Cynical me, figured it was destined to be a parking lot for the WFCU Centre, but it appears to be some adaptive reuse going on… It looks like it has been taken back to create to larger retail spaces on each end, joined together by a smaller, longer space? Hopefully there are tenants moving in. It will be interesting to see…
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Another One Bites The Dust... [Updated]

Sad to say, that tonight I passed the intersection of Ouellette & Erie, and noticed a pile of rubble where this beauty once stood. The photo above was taken back in 2002, and the building was in much better shape. The photo above shows the house as it looked last week…

Walkerville Demolition

This house, located on the east side of Monmouth, just north of the recently rehabbed Deluxe Apartments, which we looked at back in May. In fact, this photo of the house is a crop from that photo. Yesterday afternoon, this is what the house looked like. All gone. The house…