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Demolition Time

Another weekend in the books, and with today’s post, another month as well. This post wraps up November, as Wednesday’s post ushers in November. Time to get caught up on some Demolitions around town. The photo above is from Saturday morning, and the demolition along Howard Avenue, and part of the Titan Tool complex.

Screenshot from Google Streetview

The old building on Howard, wasn’t an architectural gem, just an old throwback to the small scale retail of the Remington Park district. It’s hard to see, but it looks like there was some stone trim around the door.

Screenshot from Google Streetview

I would guess this building dated to the 1940’s or so… Not sure what the plan is for this property.

Screenshot from Google Streetview

Now we jump over to Dougall Ave. These houses are biting the dust and a sign on site advertises a future retail plaza. This is approximately, between the Sprawl-Mart Plaza and the McDonalds across the street, just south of the TD Bank. This first house for many years was home to a florists shop.

Screenshot from Google Streetview

Another one that’s gone.

Screenshot from Google Streetview

It was hard to tell by looking how many are gone, if it was three or four. A glimpse back to when Dougall was much quieter and slower than today. I’m sure when these houses were built in the 1950’s this stretch of Dougall was a pretty quiet place.


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