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Pacific Park Subdivision – 1925

While today it’s just though of as part of the Remington Park neighbourhood, when first laid out and subdivided in 1925, the northern end of the neighbourhood by the tracks was known as Pacific Park. This new subdivision had some subtle and non so subtle racist undertones however. This full page ad above notes several times that “English speaking people” would be your neighbours here.

“The Florida of Windsor” beckons you to come live with “100% English Speaking” people.

This ad from a few weeks later, changes its tune a bit, talking about living with “100% English & French speaking neighbours”. The Francophones must have taken offense and the agent explained to them, that the French weren’t the issue… Further down this ad, it comes out much clearer:

“We have pledged ourself to the people who have bought here to enforce the restrictions on this valuable property – that is, you must be white inside as well as out.

To see that in print is mind blowing, especially on something less than 100 years old….

Is there any other racist history of Windsor that needs to be brought to light?

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