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The Paramount Theatre

To add to the list of unbuilt project in our city, planned early in 1929, this appeared in the Border Cities Star – January 23, 1929:

This is an architect’s sketch of a new theatre planned for the corner of Moy avenue and Ottawa street,
Windsor, by Paramount Windsor Theatres, Limited. Designed by Nichols, Sheppard and Masson, archi-
tects. Equity Building, the playhouse will represent a cost of $125,000 when completeed and will seat 1,040. Bids
for the construction contract are to be invited by the end of the week, and it is expected to begin construction
operations by February 6. The playhouse will he completed by late spring.

Two shops, a store, a suite of professional offices and a residential apartment are also provided for in the
building the exterior of which has been designed along Spanish lines. The theatre is to be located on the south-
east corner of Moy and Ottawa.

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Here’s that same corner today.

It’s a shame it was never built, it looked to be quite a beauty, and at 1000+ seats it would have been an impressive sight.


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