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The Thibert Farm

So a rare trip yesterday for this city boy, who took a ride out to the nether reaches of Essex County (and I’m not talking about Tecumseh!) and paid a visit to the Thibert Farm in Comber.

Farmer Richard Thibert, is a weekly participant in the Downtown Windsor Farmer’s Market, running tomorrow and every Saturday through October 10th, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. I told him he needs to bring this delicious looking garlic along with him on Saturday…

Regular market goers may recognize his local pancake mix from the market…

Richard graciously spent several hours with myself, along with local bloggers John of Western District, Victoria of My Local Food and Linda of Lulu Jane, giving us a full tour of his working farm.

The farm dog keep a suspicious watch over us city folk….

The Thibert farm, has been in the Thibert Family since the 1880’s. In the mid 1950’s the farm was sold out of the family, but in 1999, Richard started the process of trying to buy back the old family farm. First renting, then buying the house and out buildings in 2000, and purchasing the 75 acre farm in 2004.

On the farm, they raise cattle, seen here is a Red Angus Cow.

Here is Richard Thibert (who you might recognize from the market), in the chicken coop feeding the little guys.

During our brief visit, I learnt that there is a difference between chickens…

These white and brown guys are for lack of a better term, eating chickens. These are the kind that end up on our plate at dinner time.

These little speckled gals are egg laying chickens. Being city folk, I always assumed that the same chickens that laid eggs, were the same kind that made McChickens… I guess not!

So don’t forget, get out to the market tomorrow, and support our local farmers.

See you back here Monday!

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