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The Fountain Through The Years

A few different views of the fountain over the years.

Yesterday windsorite-in-exile left the following comment

The fountain should be restored and moved to a prominent civic square. Restoring the water flow would restore it’s soul. It would make an appropriate counterpoint to the cenotaph.

In the early 1920’s that exact plan was suggested. The Cenotaph sat on the east side of Ouellette at Gilles, and there was a plan raised to move the Fountain to the west side of Ouellette opposite the Cenotaph. So that thought isn’t a new one. I would love to see the fountain properly restored.

A few postcard views of the old Post Office and Memorial Fountain

This old photograph was taken in 1915

This photograph dates to 1920.

Tomorrow, a look at the fountain in more modern times. Before and after last year’s “restoration”…

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