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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a large number of people turned out for a chance to tour the Low-Martin house at 2021 Ontario St.

With the gracious offer posted here last week, as well putting out the offer to the surrounding neighbours, a good number of people turned out for what might be your only chance to visit this very historic Windsor home.

I hope a large number of readers dropped by yesterday to take Mr. Vella up on his offer.

Among the distinguished guests was none other than the King of Chris Holt.

A small display was set up with refreshments just off the foyer.

Some items were loaned for the open house by the family of the late Harry Low.

From left to right are photos of Mr. Low’s ship the “Vedas”, and photos of Mr. & Mrs. Low.

One of the thing I didn’t post on my tour of the house from the other week was a photo of the large original walk in showers. The door is a copper coloured metal with a huge beveled leaded glass window. While not exactly visible in the photo there were several jets coming out of each wall.

Also someone asked about the bar last time, so here is a photo of the bar where Paul Martin Sr., Pierre Trudeau & Lester Pearson had several meetings.

Again, a huge thank you to Mr. Vella, and his whole team, for not only buying the house and saving it from an uncertain future, but for throwing the doors to the place wide open, and allowing the public to have a look inside this glorious work of architecture.

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