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Eglise St. Joseph

I was out this weekend shooting in the county with John, Mike and Allison, when we came up to Eglise St. Joseph in River Canard.

Built in 1913, the church is a county landmark, however I had never before been inside.

The cornerstone reflects the fact that the area was a French Canadian settlement.

There is great outdoor statuary, however, as beautiful as the outside of this Church is, I was not expecting to see what I saw when I went inside…

Hands down, the church interior is one of the most beautiful in all of Essex County. The interior painting was done in 1950-51 by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malczyk, Polish immigrants who came to Canada to escape WWII. The pair were experience Church Painters.

According to the lady we spoke with at the church, most of the faces in the murals inside the church were painted from using parishioners as models. If you had any relatives who attended St. Joseph in the era immediately after WWII, check it out, you may be able to find a relative in the paintings.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Essex County, along comes something like St. Joseph’s to blow you away.

For more information about the Church Interior click here, or for general parrish history, click here.

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