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3209 Church Street

I have always been interested in the odd spattering of old model homes around South Windsor, which are all related to various subdivision projects of the late 1920’s that were killed by the depression. This one at 3209 Church St., just south of Norfolk. An ad for the subdivision ran in the Border Cities Star on November 10, 1928 that featured the house. If the depression hadn’t…
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Bridge Construction - 1928

Happy Friday once again. Today’s photo is stamped on the back with the date December 24, 1928. The handwritten caption reads as follows: Compacting cable with hydraulic tongs (?) on new Ambassador Bridge It would have taken nerves of steel to work up there. Kudos…
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Eastown Plaza - c. 1995

Photo © Scott Hughes Today we have a pair of old shots from about 1995, taken and passed long by Scott Hughes. These shots show the old, long gone N&D signs at Eastown Plaza, at Tecumseh Road and Lauzon Road. The sign must have been replaced not too long after these shots were taken, as a boring teal painted steel sign stand there today its place. Teal as may you may recall hit a peak in…
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Windsor Market - 1973

8/8/1973 – WINDSOR, ONTARIO: Detroit-area shoppers are crossing the Canadian border for beef in numbers that merchants say haven’t been equalled since the meatless days of World War II. Retailers said 8/8 that the vast majority of their customers in the past week…

563 Brant - Vesuvio Steam Bath

The Vesuvio Steam Bath at 563 Brant was the site of a fire April 27. It seems like the place has been around forever. Doing some research it looks like it was the site of a shooting in 1969 and an armed robbery in 1980, but not much else is out there about. Charges of keeping a bawdy house were filed against the owners of the Etna Steam Baths at 563 Brant in 1964. So the place has been around…
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Wolf's Hotel

Happy Friday once again everyone! Today’s photo is a bit of a mystery. I sadly don’t have much background on it either… It is dated April 18, 1954, and the caption on the back reads: Wolfgang Feller Windsor Roadhouse Prop. – Wolf Hotel I did find the…

Wigle Park Clubhouse

One of the building recently brought up in the comments on another post, involved the Wigle Park Club house. The building opened September 2, 1922, and cost $13,000 to build (about $170,000 today). The building was erected by the Windsor Park Commission, and contained (and…