563 Brant - Vesuvio Steam Bath

The Vesuvio Steam Bath at 563 Brant was the site of a fire April 27. It seems like the place has been around forever. Doing some research it looks like it was the site of a shooting in 1969 and an armed robbery in 1980, but not much else is out there about. Charges of keeping a bawdy house were filed against the owners of the Etna Steam Baths at 563 Brant in 1964. So the place has been around…
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Wolf's Hotel

Happy Friday once again everyone! Today’s photo is a bit of a mystery. I sadly don’t have much background on it either… It is dated April 18, 1954, and the caption on the back reads: Wolfgang Feller Windsor Roadhouse Prop. – Wolf Hotel I did find the…

Wigle Park Clubhouse

One of the building recently brought up in the comments on another post, involved the Wigle Park Club house. The building opened September 2, 1922, and cost $13,000 to build (about $170,000 today). The building was erected by the Windsor Park Commission, and contained (and…
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End Of The Line - 1567 Ouellette

Time’s up, and another hole in the streetscape and urban fabric is due for Ouellette Ave. 1567 Ouellette featured here, last May. This past Thursday, the Windsor Heritage Committee, had a meeting to deal with the request of a demolition permit request for the property. The committee was tasked with deciding whether to either a. take no action and allow the 60 day waiting period to take…
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33 Wyandotte Street East - 1948

We looked at the Syrian Coffee Shop back in April, today’s photo is from the same series. This one is dated February 29, 1948, the caption on the back simply reads: 33 Wyandotte Windsor – Gambling The series is an interesting snapshot in time of the…
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2540 McDougall - Death Fences

I took these photos last Wednesday, so they are a week old, and it’s possible that the building is already gone. It’s not an architectural treasure, but this warehouse still tells part of the story of this part of town. McDougall between Eugenie and Gilles is…
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Delux Redux - 1194 Monmouth

Happy Victoria Day everyone! Regular readers of the site may recall the post on the boarded up Deluxe Apartments back in May, 2009. Photo © John Foot The six-plex, after 2+ years, has met the same fate as the two houses to the north, and is now a pile of rubble. The building was demolished last Wednesday, May 18th. Photo © John Foot As is the Windsor way, like we’ve seen time and…
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Whelpton & Drouillard - 1945

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy Long Weekend! This was the post that was planned for last Friday, but got cancelled due to unplanned downtime. So we’ll try again today. Today’s old photo is dated, September 12, 1945, the caption on the back reads: Ford Plant #…

C.S. Wind Plant Expansion

View Larger Map C.S. Wind, as reported, purchased this building from Valiant Tool, as their new manufacturing location. The building located on Anchor Drive against the expressway between Lauzon & Banwell, has seen the Valiant signs come down and C.S. Wind ones go up in…