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Prince Edward Hotel - 1954

Happy April everyone! I’m going to declare April postcard month, and we’re even going to venture out into the county this month. I will be the first to admit that I am a pretty urban dude, and I know very little about Essex County in general. So all my readers out there with any knowledge about the county, I will need your help in the comments over the next couple of weeks… Up…
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London Street Car Barns

Happy April Fool’s Day! To celebrate we’ll carry on the railroad photos for one last Friday (but don’t get too excited, this is the last one in the set I came across). While we’ve seen many photos on this site over the years of the old Car Barns, this…

Proposed Empress Theatre

The rendering above from The Evening Record – October 14, 1913. Architect Unknown. “The above is the archltect’s perspective of the new proposed Empress Theatre, which will he erected opposite the Joseph Appelbe Company’s stores on Pitt street. The…
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A Dangerous Corner In Windsor

The photo above ran in The Border Cities Star – July 7, 1928: This corner, the intersection of Pitt and Ferry streets, is one ot the most dangerous for pedestrian and wheel traffic in the city. The photograph is taken facing north on Ferry, from beside The Border Cities Star building. In addition to being the southbound route from the Detroit ferry, it ls complicated by the street cars…
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Proposed Sandwich Swimming Pool

As talk continues about municipal swimming pools, I thought this proposal from 1931, that was never realized might be appropriate. Another one for the unbuilt files… From the Border Cities Star, August 12, 1931: HERE is the drawing made by Mr. Robert M. Thompson…

Proposed St. Clare's Church

Hands down one of my favourite buildings in the city. From the Border Cities Star September 4, 1930: This is an architect’s drawing of the new St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church, which will rise in the near future on Tecumseh Road, between Pelissier street and…
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Sandwich Street Bridge

Happy Railroad Friday everyone. Continuing, as promised the series of rail related photos, today is a 2-for-1 special. A pair of photos looking at the Sandwich Street Bridge over the CPR tracks. This photo is looking north towards the river. The building on the left is probably related to the old Windsor Salt Co., and a bit of the old CPR passenger station can been seen on the right. Here’s…
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Proposed Pavilion For Riverside Park

From the Evening Record August 8, 1914: The above is the perspective of the pavilion which the park committee proposes to erect in River Side park at the foot of Bruce avenue, The structure will be unlike anything Windsor has ever erected. The frame work will be entirely…