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Windsor Hydro Company c. 1928

A couple of weeks back we took a look at the long gone Windsor Gas Company building on Chatham Street West. In the comments we got discussing how the former Chatham Street Grill/C.H. Streets building was noted as being the Hydro offices. Above is a photo of that building from about 1928. Hopefully someone moves into the building and it doesn’t sit empty too long. The longer buildings sit…
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Old PhotographsWindsor

Jackson Park Overpass - 1962

From the same annual report from 1962 came the following description of the photo above: Windsor’s new highway entrance, the Jackson Park Overpass. This modern, four-lane road is an extension of Ouellette Ave. running south over the C.P.R. tracks and relieving the…
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Riverside Drive - 1962

From the Department of Public Works section of the 1962 City of Windsor Annual Report comes this photograph shown above. Riverside Drive, east of the C.N.R. Overpass, has been rebuilt. Curbs and sidewalks were moved back and re-aligned to permit a pavement width of at least…
Old PhotographsWindsor

W.D. Lowe - 1919

I always find it interesting to uncover photographs of prominent citizens, and it’s always interesting to put a face to the name. Today is a picture of W.D. Lowe, whom the school on Gilles was once named after. This image is from the “Border Cities Era” February 1, 1919 edition. The issue was devoted to the Windsor Collegiate Institute, later known as Patterson Collegiate…
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Windsor From The Transfer Steamer - 1882

The engraving above appeared in the book “Picturesque Canada” published in 1882. While the engraving doesn’t indicate what boat it was, the “transfer steamers” were the rail ferries. Some of the earlier ones were well equipped to moved…

Windsor Gas Company - c. 1923

Another great old shot of downtown Windsor. This one dates from the early 1920’s. It shows the old Windsor Gas Company office building on Chatham Street West. Long gone of course. Here the 1937 fire insurance map showing the layout of the block (the Gas building is…
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Studebaker Factory - Then and Now

Above is a view of the Studebaker Factory that once graced the area just north east of Walker and Wyandotte. This picture above was taken in 1913 and is looking south at the factory from the rail tracks. By 1937, the Studebaker factory is listed as “Silent and Mostly Vacant”. The factory burned to the ground in the 1980s? Before I moved to Windsor at least. Maybe someone out there…
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Demolitiongoing, going, gone...Windsor

527-533 Chatham Street East

Last night driving towards downtown, I noticed that the decrepit old duplex at 527-533 Chatham Street East was kaput. Vanished into the landfill… 515-523 next door may be the next one to go… I’ve never understood how this area between downtown and…
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Elmwood Casino - c. 1959

© John Stefani Collection I believe that this postcard was posted once on this site a long time ago. It’s a neat postcard, and a copy was recently sent along by John Stefani, so I thought there was no time like the present to repost this one. A neat shot from above…