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1118 Drouillard Road - History Uncovered [Edited Title - wrong address]

A few photo’s of the Breaktime Lounge on Drouillard. These photos were sent my way yesterday from my Dad who caught this while cruising past. Some of the metal cladding either came off or was removed. Not sure which, but underneath the old brick and tile became exposed. I bet there are many beauties trapped under ugly metal cladding. Metal cladding was the stucco of the 1970’s.
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1405 Erie Street East

The picture above was taken in 2006, sometime later, someone thought that this building didn’t look good enough, so what’s one to do?… So this kind grey skim coat went up on the place, I was expecting it to get the stucco treatment, but it never really…

Marlborough Park - 1929

An interesting look back at the proposed development of Marlborough Park. Planned to fill the space south of old Sandwich Town, and to act as a residential bridge to the anticipated boom coming in Ojibway. It’s neat to note that what is Felix today, was planned as an…

1044 Howard Avenue - D. Clarke Monuments

For years I’ve been meaning to take pictures of this little shop at 1044 Howard, just south of Erie. The business was owned by former city councillor Don Clarke (thanks to Chris Edwards for reminding me of that). This little shop was around forever, really close to…
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Windsor Hydro Company c. 1928

A couple of weeks back we took a look at the long gone Windsor Gas Company building on Chatham Street West. In the comments we got discussing how the former Chatham Street Grill/C.H. Streets building was noted as being the Hydro offices. Above is a photo of that building from about 1928. Hopefully someone moves into the building and it doesn’t sit empty too long. The longer buildings sit…
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Jackson Park Overpass - 1962

From the same annual report from 1962 came the following description of the photo above: Windsor’s new highway entrance, the Jackson Park Overpass. This modern, four-lane road is an extension of Ouellette Ave. running south over the C.P.R. tracks and relieving the…
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Riverside Drive - 1962

From the Department of Public Works section of the 1962 City of Windsor Annual Report comes this photograph shown above. Riverside Drive, east of the C.N.R. Overpass, has been rebuilt. Curbs and sidewalks were moved back and re-aligned to permit a pavement width of at least…