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Ontario Tourist Bureau

Here’s an old postcard view of the former Tourist Bureau location in Downtown Windsor. It was on the same site as the current Tourist Office on Goyeau at City Hall Square. The caption on the back of the card reads: PROVINCE OF ONTARIO TOURIST BUREAU welcomes visitors to WINDSOR, Ontario, CANADA A view of the edge of the postcard shows some of the old landscaping. I know the new tourist…
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Fine Foods Of Canada

A look at the Fine Foods Plant, at Tecumseh & Lacasse in Tecumseh. I’ve been meaning to post about this place for a long time, and the postcard above has finally pushed this post into becoming a reality. A neat view of the old sign that was once out front.

Circulation Desk - Leddy Library

A neat old postcard I recently came across. Probably, late 1950’s/early 1960’s. The back reads: Circulation Desk UNIVERSITY LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF WINDSOR WINDSOR, Ontario, CANADA A great postcard. I love that…
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House of Refuge - Leamington

OK, County Historians, what can you tell me about this place? It looks like it was quite a grand place. A bit of googling brought me to this document here, that makes it look like it was built around 1900 maybe a little before, and sometime before 1961, became known as the…
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Talbot Street - Leamington

Sticking to the county again, this time we’re out to Leamington in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. A neat view of the main shopping district. It’s easy to see upon closer inspection how these were just hand tinted versions of black & white…
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Essex High School

Sticking with the Essex County theme again today, we head back to Essex… According to Wikipedia, Essex District High School “… was founded in 1885 and is the oldest operating publicly funded high school in Ontario” The original building burned down in February 1921, and Pennigton and Boyde were hired to design a replacement. The replacement building seen above opened with…
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Talbot Street - Essex

Off for the first time in a long time out into Essex County… Today’s postcard features a view from the late 1970’s? I’m sure someone can date it by looking at the cars. The caption on the back reads: TALBOT STREET, ESSEX, ONTARIO. Photograph by: Barry…
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East Windsor Postcards

These cards come to us today from regular reader Vic. These are some great cards, they are new to me as I hadn’t seen either of them before. This postcard shows the s.e. corner of Ontario & Lawrence Road in what was then Ford. Built in 1922, this house was…