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Norton Palmer Hotel

Continuing with the postcard theme, here is an undated postcard, probably from the mid 1940’s, showing the Norton Palmer Hotel, which was located at Park and Pelissier. It was built in 1927, and expanded in 1929. Designed by architects Hutton & Souter of Hamilton, who also designed Windsor Assembly, along with the old GM Office Building at Walker and Seminole. It came down in 1975, just…
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Prince Edward Hotel - 1954

Happy April everyone! I’m going to declare April postcard month, and we’re even going to venture out into the county this month. I will be the first to admit that I am a pretty urban dude, and I know very little about Essex County in general. So all my readers…

Assumption High School

Here’s a postcard view of Assumption High School, probably early 1960’s. Look how calm and quiet Huron Church was…. is that a grassy median I spy? The caption on this one reads: ASSUMPTION HIGH SCHOOL directed by the BASILIAN FATHERS WINDSOR, Ontario…
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Victoria Block - Ouellette Avenue - 1893 - 1945

Today we take a look at one of the downtown buildings from Windsor’s past. This building stood on the s.w. corner of Ouellette and Chatham St., where the Royal Bank is today. Romanesque in style, the building was designed by architects Maycock & Newman. The three story building was built with shops on the ground floor, offices on the second and the third reserved for Lodges. It was…
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Distillery Offices - Photo to Postcard

For those readers who, like me, are fans of the great photo website Shorpy, you may be interested in viewing the collection of the Detroit Publishing Company, which resides at the Library of Congress. The DPC collection is amazing, and mostly royalty free&#8230…

Walkerville Town Hall

Designed by Albert Kahn in 1904, the Town Hall and Post Office was originally located on Riverside Drive, opposite the Distillery. To the right is the end of the Flat Iron Building. The Town Hall and Flat Iron building were both scheduled for demolition in 1994. A dedicated…
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Ford City - City Hall

Here’s a recent addition to the IM collection, this photo postcard of the Ford City, City Hall. Situated on the corner of Riverside and Drouillard, in a space last occupied by the parking lot to Our Lady of the Rosary. Over the peak of the roof, you can see the two massive domes on the towers at Our Lady of The Rosary to the east. A nice detail shot of the front door – note the…
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Mill Street - c. 1910

Here’s an interesting old postcard, I recently came across… Over the years of running this site, it’s not too often I come across a postcard, I haven’t seen before, but this one is one of those rare times… Sandwich, despite being the seat of…

Central United Church

Postcard View of Central United c. 1955 Last year in October, we took a look at Central United with this post on the history of the church, and this one of the cornerstone laying. With this past weekend’s Doors Open event, I finally got to visit the inside… The…