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Elmwood Part II

This postcard dates to the late 1940’s and shows the original building before additions. The building today. A postcard from the late 1950’s of the entire complex. Like taken after the motel was built in 1956. A view of the lobby of the motel building. Classic 1950’s design, and hard to see/appreciate from speeding by on Dougall Ave. A flyer from 1956 advertising an upcoming…
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Old Newspaper StoriesPhoto Du JourWindsor

Ford Plant 1 Demolition

From the Windsor Star, December 22, 1969. The Walls Tumble Down – No this isn’t a Second World War photo of bombed out Berlin or Coventry. It’s the demolition of Ford of Canada’s old Plant 1 complex on Riverside Dr. E. Six old plant building are…
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Horseshoe Hotel Fire - 1976

As regular readers may have noticed, I’ve had some old-time neighbourhood locals checking in and commenting on things pertaining to the downtown Windsor neighbourhood I currently live in. Dante & Mara were talking about the old Horseshoe Hotel that was around the corner the other day, and the fire that took it down. That got me interested, and off to look into the history. This is the…
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